Senin, 23 April 2012

The Pickled Cucumber Noodle

In the different  places, tasting food sometimes gives us an exciting sensation. Every regions have typical dish and unique flavour from its culture.

It was a day when I spent my time by eating chiken noodle in Pare. It wasn't same as the  noodle from Jakarta. The texture of noodle was bigger and sweeter than other noodle that I ever ate. The most contrasting from the others was the pickled cucumbers in a bowl - the things that I never seen before.

a portion of chicken noodle in pare is big. It is suitable for the starving people. if you aren't enough by one portion, you will order two portions.

Price of noodle in pare is cheaper than other noodle in Jakarta. You can bought a portion for Rp4000. It is affordable price for student in Pare. And we can make saving from our pocket money. The noodle vendors usually sell in Brawijaya Street. It is near from Pare Hometown.
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Rabu, 11 April 2012

Morning Dew in Pare

It was dissimilar morning in a small village, Pare - the part of Kediri. In the sunny sunday, the kids ran around cheerfully, the mothers went to the traditional market with their handbag, and the vehicles - pedicabs, bicycles, and public transportation - passed back and forth on the Brawijata street. They loaded the street which was not dry yet from its dew that wetted the asphalt last night.

While the sun rises, I went too far in the rush. The sensations was different then Jakarta, my hometown. Although both of them were crowded in the weekend, in Pare, I felt extremely lush. It gave me a big impession and tranquility situation.

This was the only one of my holidays that I had whole the weeks when I studied in Pare. The day when I spent and wasted the times by refreshing - taking excersise, walking around village, and tasting traditional food. Those activities was taken with my friends. The day was meanigful for me who did not settle down in Pare.

One of the symbols in the downtown of Pare - it is Adipura award
when Pare was the one of the cleanest village

Statue of the heroes in the crossroad of Pare

It is me, when was taking a rest after finishing excersise

Traditional market in Tulungrejo, Pare

Real condition in the street traditional market in Tulungrejo, Pare

Tasting traditional food, pecel rice,
with my friends - Maftuhah, Rayyan, Adip, and Arif.

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